An AI like Siri, only human

The intelligent interface for everything

MagicPi is an artificial intelligence platform that will change the way you do business. Our solution provides entirely new ways to find, engage, convert and retain customers.

MagicPi’s Virtual Assistant interface is the simplest way for the world to engage and interact with your brands, products and services.


An all-in-one platform

MagicPi is a cloud computing enterprise solution with
integrated products to meet the needs of your business.

  • Web based-solutions
  • Mobile app (Android & iOS)
  • Hardware (tablets & digital kiosks

Get closer to your customer

Our AI interface harnesses machine learning to provide infinite answers to infinite questions. MagicPi's Virtual Assistant can be employed to showcase your products and deliver world leading customer service.

  • › Increase consumer engagement with unique AR/VR experiences
  • › Collect valuable feedback from your customers
  • › Radically improve your service capabilities
  • › API into affiliate platforms

Build your own knowledge database

Everything you need to build and maintain a comprehensive knowledge database for your business.

  • › Consolidate the most important information in your business
  • › Simple-to-use backend system that can be updated and maintained by anyone
  • › Valuable information repository that can be deployed for both external and internal stakeholders

Introduce conversational commerce

Transacting with your customers is engaging and easy with our conversational commerce functionality.

  • › Fully integrated e-commerce store
  • › 3D product modelling
  • › Integrate with all major payment gateways
  • › Virtual Sales Assistant technology
  • › Order fulfilment software

Make more informed decisions

Unleash the power of data with real-time data reporting and analysis. Monitor the performance of specific media, products and brands by finding out what your customers are asking, liking, sharing and more.

  • › In-depth data mining
  • › Tracked to individual customers
  • › Analysis made easy with expert data visual
  • › Fully customisable reporting


  • AHICE Launches Smart Museum Project

    On November 15, 2016, AHICE was proud to announce the launch of the AHICE Smart Museum Project in partnership with MagicPi Technology Co. Pty Ltd. The partnership will see MagicPi develop its Artifical Intelligence Tour Guide platform for AHICE to roll out to museum partners both in Australia and China. During the signing ceremony, AHICE Chairman Shanshan Peng praised the […]

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